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Swimming Pool Inspections

A swimming pool inspection is imperative on any real estate sale. The pool and or spa is the number 1 over looked area and can easily escalate to thousands of dollars in repair cost.

The inspection is visual, we require that the pool be opened and operational. If the owner refused to do so, this should send up a red flag.

We will check that the equipment is operating correctly, the pool structure is intact, the finishes of the pool, whether they be vinyl or plaster and the condition of the decking.

Once we determine that there are any areas of concern we can give you an estimate for repair which can help in negotiating the sale price of the property. It can be basic maintenance or future renovations, the information we provide will assist you in making one of the biggest decision of your life.

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Swimming Pool Opening

When spring is finally here and as the temperatures begin to climb, it’s time to think about getting the pool area ready for the warm weather. Opening your pool the right way can mean the difference between a summer of fun and a summer of headaches! Pool Pro can help you do it right.

Prior to our arrival, customer must:

  1. Make equipment and pool accessible.
  2. Raise the water level 1/2 way up skimmer to operate.
  3. Make sure water is turned on.
  4. Make sure electric breakers are on.
  5. Have payment available (check, visa/mc or cash).
  6. Pool openings are based on one trip. If pool is not ready an additional trip will be required w/a trip charge.

Service Pool Pro will provide:

Full Opening:

  • Remove debris from cover/up to three 5 gal. buckets. Excessive debris will be an additional charge.
  • Pump residual water from cover, 1-2 in. (bulk of water should be pumped off prior to our arrival)
  • Note: Pools with Loop-Loc Covers will be pumped down & a bulk vac performed at no charge.
  • Clean cover with a special deodorizer formulated for pool covers
  • Fold cover and tubes (if applicable) for easy storage
  • Install all pool apparatus (Diving board, hand rail, ladder, rope & floats etc.) if available at the opening
  • Install eliminates in filter (D.E. only, acid wash may be needed) * Prime and start system. If pump does not operate, an additional service call maybe needed.
  • Install automatic pool cleaner (when applicable)
  • Light pool heater & test fire (when applicable) Note: If heater will not light an additional service will be required and reschedule at service call rate.
  • Test water for Hardness, Total Alkalinity, P.H. and Chlorine
  • Balance pool for Hardness, Total Alkalinity, P.H. and Chlorine. *
  • Bucket off debris from deck

Partial Opening:

  • Same as a full with the exception of the customer will take care of cover.
Note: * Chemicals, vacuuming and extra service are additional *

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Swimming Pool Closings

After a season of swimming fun, closing your pool properly will make opening it much easier next season. Also, closing your pool correctly is essential to increasing life of your pool. Pool Pro can help you do it right.

Service we will provide:

Full Closing:

  • Lower water level
  • Fill water tubes (if applicable)
  • Remove all pool apparatus (diving board, hand rail, ladder, rope & floats etc.,)
  • Remove elements and clean (D.E. only)
  • Winterize plumbing using a tow compressor capable of 100 CFM at 100 P.S.I. continuous allowing us to remove all water from the pluming lines.
  • Install Cover (Vinyl or Loop-Loc) and tubes
  • Chemicals will be added after the bulk of the water has been pumped from pool, thus assuring a higher concentration.*
  • If main drain valve cannot hold an air lock, the plumbing will have to be cut to guarantee winterization. PLEASE NOTE: Valve replacement will be done in the Spring at an additional cost.Partial Closing:

Partial Closing:

  • Same as full with the exception of the customer will lower water level and put on cover.
Nashua Closed
NOTE: * Chemicals and extra service are an additional cost*
Pool Pro Guarantees all plumbing and equipment from freezing. We are not responsible for cracks in plumbing due to deck movement, etc. Frozen plumbing will shatter not crack.

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Weekly/Bi-Weekly Pool Service

When you put your pool in the care of a professional service provider, you want to know that your pool is in good, capable hands. You want to know that whatever your pool maintenance needs may be now and in the future, they’ll be taken care of quickly and professionally. Pool Pro is CPO Certified and a member of APSP

Services Performed During Each Visit Include:

  • Skim pool
  • Vac Pool
  • Brush pool
  • Brush pool at tile line
  • Test water for P.H. and Chlorine level
  • Adjust P.H. if Necessary *
  • Shock pool if necessary *
  • Clean baskets
  • Back wash if necessary
  • Earth filter if necessary (D.E. only)
  • Check pool equipment for proper operation
*Note: All chemicals are additional cost

40,000 PSI

Water Blasting

Water blasting is the quickest, efficient and most environmentally safe way to remove paint from pools and deck surfaces. Painted pools are no longer a problem.

Water blasting will prevent air born dust to invade the work site and its surroundings, insuring a clean work environment. This process allows your crews to do more productive and profitable tasks.

Pricing will be per square foot so your bids can be accurate.

For more Information or to sign up an call 1-800-698-PROS (7767)

or visit our web site www.eastcoastwaterblasting.com

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Pool Pro is Fully Insured & Licensed