Swimming Pool Inspection

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August 4, 2010
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August 26, 2010
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Swimming Pool Inspection

A swimming pool inspection is imperative on any real estate sale. The pool and or spa is the number 1 over looked area and can easily escalate to thousands of dollars in repair cost.

The inspection is visual, we require that the pool be opened and operational. If the owner refused to do so, this should send up a red flag.

We will check that the equipment is operating correctly, the pool structure is intact, the finishes of the pool, whether they be vinyl or plaster and the condition of the decking.

Once we determine that there are any areas of concern we can give you an estimate for repair which can help in negotiating the sale price of the property. It can be basic maintenance or future renovations, the information we provide will assist you in making one of the biggest decision of your life.