Vyn-All Inground Pool Liners

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July 20, 2010
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July 21, 2010
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Vyn-All Inground Pool Liners

The Vyn-All Advantage
What makes a Vyn-All pool liner the industry’s best? Here are some specific reasons to choose Vyn-All for your in-ground pool:

  • The Best Grade, 100% Virgin Vinyl
    Recycled vinyl can adversely affect a liner’s performance. We use only the very best vinyl on the market to ensure long-lasting performance and beauty.
  • Our Signature ”Glove-Like Fit”
    Our computer aided design tools allow us to create an exact fit to any pool shape. And the better a liner fits, the less likely it is to wear unevenly,rip, or otherwise fail.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
    We use high-frequency dielectric RF technology to precisely weld each seam and create a guaranteed watertight seal. And we attach our liner bead to the side wall in one continuous piece to completely seal the top perimeter.
  • DuraWallTM Protection
    Our exclusive DuraWallTM feature is an affordable way for people to purchase a more durable vinyl liner. The liner has extra-thick, 28-mil sides to protect the pool from exposure to heat and cold where it needs it most – the walls and corners. And it is combined with a less expensive but more than adequate 20-mil floor.
    Look for the DuraWallTM symbol next to our patterns for availability.
  • Superior Durability
    All Vyn-All pool liners are manufactured to withstand the harshest environments. Our liners retain their stability and beauty in conditions ranging from desert-like heat to bone-chilling temperatures of -40F or more. And our liners are specially formulated to resist fading from chlorine and the damaging effects of UV rays.
  • Easy Maintenance
    Vyn-All manufactures its liners for easy care by enhancing its vinyl with products like BIO-PRUF.

    Added during the manufacturing of our vinyl material, BIO-PRUF is a fungicide that inhibits the growth of microorganisms like mold and bacteria. It also helps our vinyl from shrinking, structural degradation, splitting and pink staining that can sometimes result from microbial attack.

  • Worry-Free Warranties
    We back up our commitment to quality with the Vyn-All 20-year pro-rated warranty on 20 mil liners and a 25-year pro-rated warranty on a 28 mil and all DuraWallTM” liners. Optional extended service plans are available.Please contactyour Vyn-AllTM dealer or contact us for more information about our warranties.