Winter Closing

Spring Opening
May 3, 2010
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May 3, 2010
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Winter Closing

Service we will provide:

Full Closing:

  • Lower water level
  • Fill water tubes (if applicable)
  • Remove all pool apparatus (diving board, hand rail, ladder, rope & floats etc.,)
  • Remove elements and clean (D.E. only)
  • Winterize plumbing using a tow compressor capable of 100 CFM at 100 P.S.I. continuous allowing us to remove all water from the pluming lines.
  • Install Cover (Vinyl or Loop-Loc) and tubes
  • Chemicals will be added after the bulk of the water has been pumped from pool, thus assuring a higher concentration. *
  • If main drain valve cannot hold an air lock, the plumbing will have to be cut to guarantee winterization. PLEASE NOTE: Valve replacement will be done in the Spring at an additional cost.

Partial Closing:

Same as full with the exception of the customer will lower water level and put on cover.

NOTE: * Chemicals and extra service are an additional cost *

Pool Pro Guarantees all plumbing and equipment from freezing. We are not responsible for cracks in plumbing due to deck movement, etc. Frozen plumbing will shatter not crack.