Spring Opening

What should I be doing to maintain my pool?
May 3, 2010
Winter Closing
May 3, 2010
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Spring Opening

Prior to our arrival, customer must;

1. Make equipment and pool accessible.

2. Raise the water level 1/2 way up skimmer to operate.

3.Make sure water is turned on.

4. Make sure electric breakers are on.

5. Have payment available (check, visa/mc or cash). 6. Pool openings are based on one trip.If pool is not ready an additional trip will be required w/ a trip charge.

Service we will provide:

Full Opening:

  • Remove debris from cover / up to three 5 gal. buckets. Excessive debris will be an additional charge.
  • Pump residual water from cover, 1-2 in. (bulk of water should be pumped off prior to our arrival)
  • Note: Pools with Loop-Loc Covers will be pumped down & a bulk vac performed at no charge.
  • Clean cover with a special deodorizer formulated for pool covers
  • Fold cover and tubes (if applicable) for easy storage
  • Install all pool apparatus (Diving board, hand rail, ladder, rope & floats etc.) if available at the opening
  • Install eliminates in filter (D.E. only, acid wash may be needed) * Prime and start system. If pump does not operate, an additional service call maybe needed.
  • Install automatic pool cleaner (when applicable)
  • Light pool heater & test fire (when applicable) Note: If heater will not light an additional service will be required and reschedule at service call rate.
  • Test water for Hardness, Total Alkalinity, P.H. and Chlorine
  • Balance pool for Hardness, Total Alkalinity, P.H. and Chlorine. *
  • Bucket off debris from deck

Partial Opening:

Same as a full with the exception of the customer will take care of cover.

Note: * Chemicals, vacuuming and extra service are additional *